Pitched! Vol. 1

Pitched Vol 1Nine stories. Nine artists. Ten creative collaborators. One author. That's Pitched!

Pitched! is a 126-page comic anthology showcasing the artistic talents of ten collaborators and, united under a single author, displaying a wide range of writing styles and genres. From the moving coming of age story "The End of all Summers" to the fast-paced time travel of "Time Unraveled," from the spit & blood western "The Last Shot" to the ironic historical fiction of "Shackles," Pitched! is as dynamic and varied a short story collection as you'll find. Superheroes. Bickering couples. X-files-style intrigue. Alien androids. And all from a single writer working in collaboration with an eclectic group of talents and personalities.

The collection also features an introduction by acclaimed Image Comics founder Erik Larsen, as well as behind the scenes sketches, concept art, and short prose fiction by Eric San Juan.



"A good anthology has something for everyone, you just need to enjoy enough that you feel that you got your money’s worth. And, on that level, this book succeeded for me. Eric San Juan filled this book with stories that crossed genres, and picked artists who styles were often specially suited for the stories that they worked on. If the proposed Vol. 2 gets completed, I will be sure to pick up a copy of that one, as well.." -J.R LeMar, iBLOGaLot

"I'm seriously impressed. Great writing ... equally at home in various styles and genres. I'm left wanting to read more." -Dave Pruitt

"There were nine stories here, and I really don't think that there was a turkey in the bunch." -Bob Garrett

"There was truly no story I didn't like." -Rob Hearn

"Really an impressive package." -Trevor Griffiths

"An excellent variety of styles." -Neil Welch

"I'm impressed ... that you've got so many different genres represented." -Jim McDevitt

"I had a chance to peruse one ... and the book looks great!" -Bill Johnson


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