The End of All Summers


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Written by Eric San Juan
Art and letters by James Pipik

“I don’t remember how we found out they were leaving … Personally, I think we just knew. It was just one of those things you could feel without knowing how or why. We could sense it somehow. See it on the horizon. Smell it in the air. But we wouldn’t talk about it.”

All summers die, giving way to the autumn of adolescence and the eventual winter of adulthood. But first, you have to say goodbye. Written by Eric San Juan and gorgeously illustrated by James Pipik. 16 pages.


“This 16-page story is a slice of life tale, set in a small town, with a bunch of pre-teenage boys, best friends, enjoying a last summer day, before one of them moves away forever. A nice tale, that brought back memories of my own childhood, when everything seems much simpler, and the future was wide open.” –

“I thought it was extremely affecting. Relatable. Well written … the art was incredible. Superb pacing and detail.” –Rob Hearn

“What a gorgeous art style for a nostalgic story. This is kind of Eric’s own ‘Stand by Me,’ but with turtles instead of bloated, fetid corpses.” -Jay Matthews

“Obviously very personal and fraught with emotional freight, and will probably evoke some nostalgia if not have you philosophizing.” –Cecil Lue Disharoon



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