About Eric

profileEric is an author, freelance writer, founder of Your Awesome Editor, and a guy who makes words appear on the page.

He is the author or coauthor of eight books and counting, including Stuff Every Husband Should Know (Quirk Books 2011), A Year of Hitchcock (Scarecrow Press 2009) and his latest, Dissecting the Walking Dead (2015). He ghostwrites for an array of business blogs, writes for newspapers and magazines, and has a great vegetable garden. He was the beer writer for the Philadelphia Weekly for two years and still maintains a craft beer blog.

Eric’s work has appeared in the Philadelphia Weekly, the legendary Weird Tales, Boston Literary Magazine, and many others, as well as on websites such as Trouble With Comics and DVDinmyPants. He has written hundreds of features, columns, SEO pieces, press releases, and just about anything else you can name. For several years he was Editor-in-Chief of a now defunct film and entertainment website, and spent 13 years as a full-time journalist, many of them as an Editor-in-Chief.

Oh, and he’s also a social media marketer, so there’s that.

He really dislikes writing this in the third person.

Eric lives at the Jersey Shore with his wife and son, where he grows vegetables, brews beer, and pretends he’s a pirate.

He realizes he should probably get a good head shot taken, but it would feel so vain you’d probably think this page was about him. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, though the truth is that he isn’t on them all that often. He spends enough time on them for his social media marketing clients as it is.