Time Unraveled (part 1)


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Written by Eric San Juan
Art and letters by Rick Lundeen

“Time is coming undone. I can feel it in my bones. Don’t ask me how I know – that is a story for another day – just trust that I know. Someone, something, is eating time. Tearing it apart.”

The first eight pages of a planned 120-page epic, in “Time Unraveled” time itself is beginning to crumble. How or why, however, is a mystery. A mystery that plunges our hero through history seeking other “jumpers,” men and women who can move through the timeline. Trouble is, they don’t know about their abilities – a wrinkle he discovers at the point of a sword in ancient Rome. Written by Eric San Juan and illustrated by Rick Lundeen, creator of “100 Covers” and “We Three Kings,” this is just a taste of the grand adventure to come.


“Excellent!” -Jay Matthews

“Lundeen’s artwork is great.” –iBLOGalot.com

“The shading … is practically the standard for a b&w.” –Cecil Lue Disharoon



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