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This Is How The Pros Throw An Epic Garden Party


Contributed Post Although Winter might be approaching, it’s still relatively early on in the year. And that means there’s plenty of time left to throw an epic garden party. Don’t have much of a garden? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways that you can make it work, even with limited space. Getting garden parties right, however, takes a little know-how. This is what to do if you want to make your guests have a great time. Cover Your Grub At your garden party, you’ll no doubt have many delicious things on the menu. But, unless you’ve joined the latest craze of eating insects, the odd fly or two probably isn’t one of them. It’s always a good idea to cover up your food,…
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Find Your Inner Lumberjack! An Introduction To Chainsaws


Contributed Post Dealing with chores in the garden isn’t exactly the manliest way to spend your time. That is, until you get to use a chainsaw! The last time I had to prune a tree of its dead branches roots, I reached up in surprise to find I’d grown a full beard! Again, operating a chainsaw is just one of those things every guy should know how to do. If you still don’t, then here’s a basic run-through. Image from Flickr   You knew there was going to be some health and safety here, so we’ll get that out of the way first. I’m sure you can imagine that chainsaw injuries aren’t too pretty. At the very least you need eye and ear protection, along…
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Digital Music & Sound Quality: Quick & Easy Fixes


Contributed Post As a musician, I’m often accused of being something of a snob. I’m not, however. It’s just that I want to listen to new, more interesting sounds and ideas, rather than the same rehashed chords and melodies. But there is one element of music that will always bring out an element of snobbishness in me – sound quality. When digital music first came out, I hated it. Sure, it’s kinda cool to have all those songs stored on your iPod or smartphone. But let’s face it, in those early days of digital music, the sound quality sucked. It’s a lot better today, of course, but we still have a long way to go. With all this in mind, I thought I would point…
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5 Scary Facts About America’s Heroin Epidemic


Contributed Post In case you hadn’t noticed, America is suffering from an enormous upsurge in heroin and opiate-related deaths. It’s scary stuff, and reaching epidemic proportions. Cases of overdoses are on the increase, and more drugs are flooding the black market. Donald Trump thinks he can solve the problem by building his wall. Hillary Clinton is going to throw $10 billion at the issue and hope it goes away. And the nation’s police forces are, once again, tackling the problem by trying to throw everyone in jail. The trouble is, these aren’t even the scariest facts – you’ll need to read on to find out those Picture Credit   The volume of people overdosing According to the CDC, opiate overdoses have quadrupled since 1999. And…
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Issues Business Owners Could Face From Technology


Contributed Post It’s pretty clear that technology has a huge impact on the world of business. And, changes to technology look set to change the business landscape. Every year we’re finding more and more tech available that can be used to help run a business. There are so many different sectors that are affected by the changes in technology. Although tech has a hugely positive impact on business, this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of issues every business owner needs to think about. And there are also many associated with modern technology. And there are plenty of ways your company is going to be affected by these changes. So, you need to make sure you consider the impacts of this, and how you’ll…
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