Couple: A Relationship Story

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Written by Eric San Juan
Art and letters by Matt Linton

“Would I put up with your mother coming over for dinner if I didn’t want to be with you? Because let’s face it, that woman is … ummmmmm … What’s that look all about?”

There is nothing quite like a young couple in love – especially when one of them is prone to sticking his foot in his mouth. Written by Eric San Juan and illustrated by Matt Linton, creator of “A Boy Called Monk,” all young couples will relate to this humorous four-page story.


“A nice slice of crazy love.” –Maria Galloway

“This is a hilarious 4-page story, about a couple that is out on a date, when the man says the wrong thing, and the woman won’t let him forget it. Hey, guys, haven’t we all been there? It’s short, and to the point, and Linton draws it in a somewhat cartoon-ish style that fits perfectly to the story.” –



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