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Written by Eric San Juan
Art and letters by Stanley Lieber

“What is freedom, then? They talk overmuch about it, for folk who do not seem to have a grasp of what it really means … Fighting against your betters is not freedom, it is a form of slavery.”

The colonists are in open rebellion. Children with no respect for authority make the streets of 1778 London a haven for delinquency. And Gov.Warren Hastings, always willing to pontificate at length about that which irks him, doesn’t like it one bit. Brought to life by Stanley Lieber‘s sparse, impressionistic art and crisp storytelling, Eric San Juan’s “Shackles” shows that good principles are in the eye of the beholder.


“Powerful, thoughtful story, working on many levels. Stanley’s spare and expressive art suits the story.” –Maria Galloway

“Stanley Lieber’s art, which is reminiscent of Eddie Campbell, fits with the 18th Century period piece.” –Bob Garrett



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