Seeker: The Ghost of Asteroid 351b


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Written by Eric San Juan
Art and letters by James Hanson

“In all our countless hours of lab tests, we had never seen him this driven. This focused. It was as if being in real jeopardy turned on some source of power we had never seen activated.”

Seeker is no mere hero. He is an alien android – and Dr. Phillip Allred wants to know the extent of its powers. Now, a crisis on a research asteroid gives him and his science team the perfect opportunity to see Seeker in action. But can Seeker overcome the enigmatic Ghost of Asteroid 351b? Co-created by Eric San Juan and James Hanson. Eight pages.


“The art is sweet and well suited for the story. James has clean lines and action posing that were made for a super-android invading a space station … The story is a neatly packaged, short adventure. The narration device was interesting.” -Jay Matthews

“A fun, exciting story, with great artwork by Hanson.” –



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