Whence Comes … Liberty!

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Written by Eric San Juan
Art by Marcus Kelligrew
Letters by John Mietus

“Can’t stop the power from flowing! It’s transforming me! Turning me into something I’ve never imagined! I feel unstoppable! I … am … LIBERTY!”

Brad Batson is an American fighter pilot shot down behind enemy lines. That’s bad enough, but things get worse when he encounters a fearsome Nazi cyborg, the Panzervolk. Yet thanks to a mysterious meteor which gives him superhuman powers, Brad is transformed into Liberty, a veritable one-man army. Co-created by Eric San Juan and Marcus Kelligrew, with stunning letters by John Mietus, “Whence Comes … Liberty!” is a love letter to the action-packed superhero stories we adored in our youth – and still do. Eight pages.


“OK, I am a sucker for A) origin stories B) WWII stories C) uncomplicated bad guy/good guy stories. This hit all three.” – Maria Galloway

“I’d read any comic that Marcus draws. Nuff aid.” –Rob Hearn

“Artwork by Kelligrew (who is also listed as co-creator of this character) is very nice. I’d be interested in reading the further adventures of this hero, by this same creative team.” –iBLOGalot.com



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