The Homecoming of Carlos Ruiz


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Written by Eric San Juan
Art by John Benson
Letters by John Mietus

“He’s not property! Don’t you people realize the power you’re playing with here? Don’t you understand what you’re unleashing on the world?”

Sheila’s life as a waitress takes an unexpected turn when a seemingly ordinary young boy becomes the focus of a fierce manhunt by both federal agents and anti-government militants. But which group is truly the one with sinister motives? Equal parts X-Files and Akira, this 10-page story was written by Eric San Juan and illustrated by John Benson.


“Love the looseness of the art. Story has been told before, but the mystery, viewpoint and cast made it work.” –Maria Galloway

“A 10-page story, set in a small town diner, where a young worker, turns out to be more than he appears. I can’t say more without spoiling it (let’s just say that this is also a “sci-fi” story), but I really liked this” –



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