The Last Shot

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Written by Eric San Juan
Art by Rick Hannah
Letters by John Mietus

“My eyes are blind with dust. The sound of a dozen deaths are still buzzing in my ears.”

Broken. Bruised. His life torn apart by thugs trying to push him off his land. And the worst is yet to come. In “The Last Shot,” a man is thrust into the heart of darkness when his anger leads him down a dangerous road – a road from which he can never return. Written by Eric San Juan and beautifully illustrated by Rick Hannah, this grizzled western is equal parts Sergio Leone and Cormac McCarthy. Ten pages.


“The anthology ends on a rather maudlin note, with an extremely depressing 8-page story, set during the days of the Wild West … Rick Hannah’s artwork is wonderful, it looks like it was drawn directly with a #2 pencil on paper, and fits the mood of the story perfectly.” –

“Rick Hannah’s pencil art works well for the Western.” –Bob Garrett



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