So I have this book coming out next week…

After three books I’ve authored or coauthored, each released by traditional publishers, Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps & Barons will be my first self-published book (not counting the Pitched! comics, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2). That means with a little help from my friends, I had to do it all, from writing to editing to layout to cover design…

Looks pretty cool, no? This book will officially be available by December 1, but if you read this blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have first crack at it. I expect it to be ready for sale in a week or so.

Honestly? I think it’s my best so far. If you’re from the area I write about or not, check it out. This is how I’ve always felt local history books should read. This isn’t dry bullshit, it’s a story, and a good one at that. I did dozens of hours of interviews with a load of interesting people (including people who actually SAW that cover image happen right in front of their eyes), read a slew of other great books, and much more to bring this story together. A little bit of me is in this book, too. I lived there, after all. Grew up there. This place and its people are important to me.

So when it officially goes on sale next week, remember that it’s awesome and you should get it, and also that it will stop hunger and bring about world peace.

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