Pitched! Vol. 2

Pitched Vol 2Seven stories. Many artists. A slew of creative collaborators. One author. That's Pitched!

Pitched! is a comic anthology series created by Eric San Juan and made reality by a variety of talented artists. Artists who deserve to be seen. That's why I'm working with them. In Pitched! 2 you'll find eight stories in total (despite what the title says), seven of them by Eric San Juan and a bonus story by collaborators James Hanson (who did Seeker) and Greg O'Driscoll. As with the first anthology, the styles and genres will be wide-ranging, eclectic, and all over the map, including science fiction, horror, and more.

The collection also features an introduction by breaking writer Steve Horton, as well as behind the scenes sketches, concept art, and short prose by Eric San Juan.

Pitched! Vol. 2 is self-published via an array of online outlets and is available for just $8.99 at the links below. ALL PROCEEDS WILL BENEFIT THE HERO INITIATIVE.



"I'm seriously impressed. Great writing ... equally at home in various styles and genres. I'm left wanting to read more." -Dave Pruitt on Pitched!

"There were nine stories here, and I really don't think that there was a turkey in the bunch." -Bob Garrett on Pitched!

"There was truly no story I didn't like." -Rob Hearn on Pitched!

"I'm impressed ... that you've got so many different genres represented." -Jim McDevitt