Reading/signing event = fantastic!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Geek Wisdom reading/signing event on Friday. Stephen and I not only had a great time reading from the book, talking geekery, and geeking out ourselves for the standing-room-only crowd at The Raconteur, we met a load of enthusiastic and talented fellow geeks. There were far too many to name or remember, but I do want to plug a few.

First there was Jason Grossman, who had his incredible art on display. Jason is young, driven, and very talented. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing his stuff in the future. There was also animator and illustrator Jimmy Harrigan, who has a nice portfolio that is worth your time. And then there was Megan Brennan, who has a beautiful, fun, quirky style I enjoyed. But most important, they were all nice people. I’d work with any of them on the follow-up to Pitched and Pitched 2.

Thanks to all the people who came out to hear us talk, and thanks to everyone who bought the book. It sold out! Thanks so much.

Most of all, thanks to the folks at The Raconteur, which is one of the finest book shop experiences you’ll find in New Jersey. And it is indeed an experience. With classic film screenings, over 100 free events a year, an oddball assortment of knickknacks, and far more than I could describe here, they make books more than mere pieces of paper. It’s worth a pilgrimage.

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