Pitched 2: So close, yet so far away

It’s the final few loose ends of a major project that are the most frustrating, not because they’re particularly difficult or troublesome, but because the finish line is right freakin’ there, just out of your reach, teasing you like the chicken nugget that slips from of your grasp and under the passenger side seat.

I’m talking about Pitched! 2: Seven More Stories, which is the follow-up to my self-published comic anthology of 2009, Pitched!: Nine Stories. It is, I hope, an eclectic and entertaining batch of stories made 100 percent better by a talented bunch of artists and collaborators.

The good news is, I’ll be sending the final pages to our printer in the super duper immediate future. The bad news is that it will likely still be a month or so before it’s available for purchase, give or take. Mostly give. But I’m sure I speak for all involved when I say I hope y’all like it.

In fact, just because I’m swell, I’ll post some super duper finished pages for you to read and ogle and fondle in the next week or so. Super duper!

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  1. J.R. LeMar

    I look forward to it!

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