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Do you ever enjoy your garden in the evening or as darkness descends on the world? Probably not and that’s because most people haven’t designed their garden to be the perfect place to spend the day as evening drifts into the night. But you can, and there are plenty of cool, impressive features that will make your garden a delight at night. So, let’s look at a few of the best ideas.

Great Furniture

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Forget about those old wicker chairs or the plastic furniture. It’s time to get a tad more creative with the furniture that you choose for your garden. For instance, you should think about looking at luxury outdoor furniture that aesthetically resembles the type of furniture that you’d find in your living room.

As you can see, it presents the opportunity of creating a luxurious space in your garden to enjoy drinks with friends or simply gaze up at the stars. With plenty of outdoor furniture available in the summer sales now is the perfect time to get out your back garden and make it absolutely spectacular. An extra tip would be to invest in a swinging seat. Relaxing and comfortable, it’s the perfect way to add a little serenity to your garden.

Flame On!

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In the center of your sitting area, you could have a gorgeous fire. This can be completely artificial and electric or burn with real wood and coal. It’s entirely up to you, and it all depends on the type of setting that you want to create in your garden. If you want a more natural look and love the smell of billowing smoke, a traditional wood, stone fire is certainly your best option. However, if you want your garden to be a tad futuristic and contemporary, you should consider an electric fire. It will still look incredible, and it will keep your garden green.

A Little Light

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You can get lanterns that will frame your garden beautifully at night. These can be hung up around your garden fence, or they might be secured into the ground. With different settings and various shades of light available, you can make sure that your garden stands out and looks stunning. However, you will find that these lights do attract bugs and that’s something to think about in the middle of summer when the mosquitos are out in force.

Pool Beauty

Do you have a pool in your back garden? If that’s the case, you definitely want to think about adding some pool lighting. This can be built into the paving stone around the pool, or it can even be placed underwater. Underwater lighting will send ripples across the water and look incredible. It can even give your garden a slightly mystic quality.

Add A Water Fountain

Water Fountain Garden Wet Bubble Water Feature

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Or, if you don’t have a pool you can always add a smaller water feature. A water fountain can be the centerpiece of your garden, and some lighting can ensure that it truly stands out at night.  



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