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Our homes are very much the biggest possession we have and may own, which is why many of us take such pride in the appearance of the inside and the garden itself. It can be all consuming at times while you peruse paint or wallpaper samples, get your hands engrossed in soil in the garden or struggle with where to put what furniture. Not to mention those bigger jobs that require a lot of time and investment like the kitchen, and the bathroom. Which is why many people search on the internet for ideas that won’t always cost them the earth. I thought I would share a few of my ideas for your home and garden to help you give each a spruce up this summer.

Plan well

Planning is key to implementing a good idea, so this can be a great tip when it comes to your home and garden. Whether you have just moved in, or have found new motivation to change your home, it can be hard not to run before you can walk. But as your home is a large space, it’s ideal to spend some time planning what it is you want to do. Perhaps creating vision boards for each room to ensure that you have some inspiration and guidance for what you want to achieve.

Spend wisely

It can be so hard to control the finances when it comes to your home. Especially if you find a home range you love or you are just lusting after certain items. However, try and rein in the spending as much as you can and instead spend wisely on the things that matter. This is when using good financial know how will work in your favor. For example, using coupons and discount vouchers. Websites like Amazon sell all sorts, so one of these Amazon promo codes is bound to save you some money. You could also shop online and buy pre-owned items on websites like eBay. Often you can pick up some amazing bargains at top quality prices.

Decoration doesn’t need to take too long

Decorating an entire room may feel like a big ask, so why not make smaller changes instead. You may not need to paint all four walls, but creating a feature wall could totally transform the space. You could use accessories or even the use of soft furnishings to change the way a room looks with very little effort or money spent.

Consider the functionality of the space

Sometimes it is all down to functionality of the space, so make sure you consider this before bulldozing into any complete renovation plans. Think about the best use for a room and consider things like the light and room layout.

Make the garden an extra room

Finally, that garden can be a forgotten entity but it is very much still part of your home. These days people choose to make their gardens extra rooms so that you can eat outside or socialise. Or simply rest after a stressful day.

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