How to Keep All The Family Happy in the Garden

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With the summer months finally upon us it’s that glorious time of the year when we can turn our attention to our gardens. As the garden is one of the most important parts of any home this is a space where all the family can relax and enjoy quality time together. Therefore you want to ensure that your outdoor space is a fantastic area for everyone. Here are our tips on how to look after your gardens so that all members of your family, at all ages, can enjoy the garden together.

Overall Design

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so you will want to look at the space that you have available in order to truly understand what you can do with the garden space you have and how you can improve upon it. The landscape design of your garden is really important to make the most your outdoor area, when it comes to creating a garden that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Start thinking about how you can create an area for the children and what parts of the garden you can utilise solely for the children’s enjoyment and play time. You should then also look at the other sections of the garden and think about how it can be improved upon into areas that the adults can better enjoy and relax.

The Kids

All family gardens need an area that the kids can call their own. There are endless ways to do this as there are different options available for different garden spaces. Creating a play area for your kids is an amazing treat for all children and you can be as minimal or as over the top as you like. You might want to put something as simple as a tree swing and a slide in or you may want to take it to the next level and invest in an all singing all dancing childrens climbing frame and playstation. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to integrating the toys and play equipment into your garden. You know your children best and what they enjoy and you know what will work best in the outdoor space available to you.

Vegetable Patch

A great way to get children really excited about the great outdoors is to encourage their little green fingers. A top way to get your children exploring the garden and getting involved in plants and nature is to organise for them to create their own vegetable patch. Creating a vegetable patch is a perfect first garden project for a child as it is simple and as the children will be able to sample the fruits of their hard labour, they will feel very rewarded from their efforts.

As vegetable patches need a lot of sun, you will want to choose an area in your garden that gets as much of the day’s sun as possible. You will then want to think about how many vegetables you want to grow as then you can plan out the space that you need to plant them properly. As the roots of the vegetables expand outwards each vegetable needs a proper amount of space to allow them to grow properly.

Get your children really interested in the project by taking them to your local garden centre where they can choose the vegetables that they would like to plant. Carrots, potatoes and onions are great vegetables to start with as they are some of the most low-maintenance veggies to grow. So start simply, with the vegetable patch and then grow it over time.

Safety in the Garden

Safety in your garden is essential to not just keep your kids protected but also to allow you to relax without having to watch them like hawks. Therefore it is important to keep the safety of your garden at the centre of any design developments you are planning. That little pond may look beautiful at the bottom of the garden, however it is worth holding off until toddlers are much older.

A new set of chunky concrete steps may look beautiful around a new rockery area however they will just create another hazard for you to be concerned about for your children.Therefore, some new features are best being delayed until young children are older and you can really go to town on those exciting new garden design ideas.

For the Adults

So now that the children are taken care of and are happily playing in their very own outdoor oasis it’s time to turn our attentions to the adults. Adults deserve to enjoy the garden just as much as the young ones so it is important that we are creating areas in which we can relax and unwind after a long day.

As with the children’s area, the best place to start is always by looking around the garden and looking into the different areas that you would like to improve on. Old concrete tiles can look tired over time and are easy to pull up and replace with decking. Creating a decking area in a garden is a fantastic way to create an family seating area where you can enjoy everything from family dinners to just sitting and curling up with a good book.

Think about garden essentials like BBQ equipment and look into the areas where you can integrate a BBQ area to turn your garden into a fabulous place to entertain your family and friends. You will also want to look at the different varieties of garden furniture that will best work in the outdoor space that you have available. There are some incredibly affordable outdoor sofas that can create a feeling of bringing your living room out into the great outdoors. Invest in some attractive solar panel lights that will bring your garden to life at night. Bring out a table and some chairs to enjoy dinner and a couple of sun loungers to soak up some rays and watch the children play happily in your much loved garden.

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