NEW MUSIC by ERIC: Second Slumber, Beyond the Pale Blue Dot, an experiment in blending drones and drums

Sometimes I record drones. Sometimes I record songs. Sometimes I experiment with simple electronic compositions. So what if I blended it all together?

That’s what I had in mind here. I wanted to capture the full band jam aspect of Slumbersigh and the drifting, moving, evolving drones of m2 with traditional backing instruments, enhanced with minor electronic stuff. Basically, I jammed with myself. (Dirty!) After a bunch of messing with the idea, some of which I’ll upload later this year, an unofficial journey with Carl Sagan developed. It is Beyond the Pale Blue Dot. This is the first track:

The whole thing is four pieces of semi-structured drone, finishing with a piece unofficially co-created with Vangelis, along with Carl Sagan. There is a BONUS TRACK that used to be the first piece, now cut but available if you download the Bandcamp version, that also includes Sagan and Vangelis. Download links at Bandcamp and Google Drive are below.

Thing is, I’ve been sitting on this for a while now. I recorded it in the autumn and winter of 2018 and (mostly) finished mixing it in Spring 2019. It’s sat on my hard drive ever since. I’m finally pushing it out because I’m almost done with the follow-up, called Empty Nest, so I figured I’d better get this one out the door. Hope you enjoy.

Second Slumber

Beyond the Pale Blue Dot


  1. Taking Off  (3:51)  (bandcamp download only)
  2. Late Creative Smother Shack  (7:12)
  3. Out of Breath All The Time  (12:07)
  4. Exploding Head is Better Than Imploding Heart  (18:17)
  5. Beyond the Pale Blue Dot  (11:58)

Download the full album here.

Find it on Bandcamp Here.