The Geeks: Stephen Segal

So on Monday I announced my latest project. I also promised to introduce you to the four folks I’d be working alongside. You’ve met three. Last but not least in my countdown of co-geeks is our fearless leader.

Multi-author projects don’t come together without someone leading the way. Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture is no exception. Thankfully, we’ve got a preeeetty good editor and coauthor heading up this project: Stephen Segal, who I’ve mentioned before.

Stephen isn’t just a Huge award-winning editor and a damn fine writer, he’s also a terrifically nice guy. But let’s stick to the first part. I’ve worked with him before and couldn’t be happier to have him leading this project. He’s a writer’s editor, but more importantly he’s brimming with ideas, guidance, encouragement, and excitement for the project. Plus — and I’m sure he’s happy about this — he gets to do a lot of writing for this book.

That’s cool.

I’d offer a brief bio, but why not just go to his website instead?

And then in August, check out our book. It will be awesome. Looking for more purchase links on my website.