Geek Wisdom is out TODAY

Geek WisdomThis may not be the day when imposing alien spacecraft park themselves over every major city on Earth and bend the human race to its will, but it’s pretty close. Geek Wisdom is officially released today. Tremble in fear at the awesome geekery that will now become part of your life. Bask in its eternal glory.

In all seriousness, I like this book and was honored to be one of the coauthors. Our great editor and coauthor, Stephen Segal, put together a fantastic team. I’m humbled to be part of it.

I can confirm from my copies that it looks spectacular. It’s a spiffy hardcover with a great design and, of course, killer contents. I’m astounded Quirk Books were able to bring it out at around $10.

And even better, the reviews are thus far very positive. Readers have said it’s “a humorous spin on how the biggest geeks of all time have shaped history and our culture,” suggesting it is “smart, insightful,” and noting that “every page really is a little delight.”

I sure hope they’re talking about some of my pages…

Geek Wisdom is available just about everywhere. Grab one and enjoy!