Cool Ways To Light A Garden Party

It’s summer; it’s hot and what better way to celebrate than with a garden party? It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; a garden party is always a great idea. The issue with a garden party though is what happens after dark? Make sure you’re covered with the following suggestions for cool ways to light your garden party.

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Fairy lights

Fairy lights can create a trendy ambience that looks like something straight out of a Pinterest photo. It doesn’t take much effort (or money) to create something that looks amazing; a few carefully hung lights will work wonders. Fairy lights can be battery operated too so if you’re concerned about additional electricity costs from lighting your garden, you won’t have to worry. You can always dig out some old Christmas tree lights and give them a new purpose!


Candles are another great way to light your garden, and can be done economically if you use your head. Make the most of old jam jars or hurricane vases and holders you can get cheaply at thrift and discount stores to create that thrown-together, quirky look. You could even make your own candles with natural insect repellents that will keep the bugs away from your party. It’s not a good idea to leave candles loose on their own with party guests everywhere – make sure the candles are all covered by glass holders to create more of a lantern effect as well as to make the area safer.

Solar spotlights

Now, this is one way to impress your friends and family – solar spotlights. If your garden party begins during the day, your lights will get the chance to soak up the sun and power on automatically when it starts getting dark outside, cool right? You can choose from floor spotlighting, hung spotlighting or even spotlights that sit on walls or fences that you can use to create a cool effect around your garden. What’s even better is that they won’t be too bright for your guests as they use solar-powered lighting. This will mean that they offer just the right amount of light for decoration and as a source of light. It’s environmentally friendly and will give you a bit of a talking point too for your more earth-conscious guests.

Professional lighting

If the above methods seem like a lot of effort, you can always call in the professionals. Lighting services like those offered at sourcemiddleeast can transform your garden into something out of a film set as well as give you options for different colored lighting. Not only will lighting companies provide the equipment, but they’ll also set it up for you and take it away when your party is over. You won’t have to worry about having equipment tested either as this will be something offered by the company to put your mind at ease.

Hosting a garden party is a fun experience and will be a lot easier to clean than if you were to be inside the house! You can read some more about how the pros host a garden party to make sure yours is one to remember. With the right lighting, your party can carry on until the early morning, but just check that your neighbors are cool with it first!

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