This Is How The Pros Throw An Epic Garden Party

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Although Winter might be approaching, it’s still relatively early on in the year. And that means there’s plenty of time left to throw an epic garden party. Don’t have much of a garden? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways that you can make it work, even with limited space.

Getting garden parties right, however, takes a little know-how. This is what to do if you want to make your guests have a great time.


Cover Your Grub

At your garden party, you’ll no doubt have many delicious things on the menu. But, unless you’ve joined the latest craze of eating insects, the odd fly or two probably isn’t one of them. It’s always a good idea to cover up your food, especially if you’re leaving it outside. Grab shoo-fly covers and place them on top of all your platters and bowls. They can be easily removed and put back by your guests.

Smoke Your Meat (public domain image) (public domain image)

Nothing tastes better than bona fide smoked meat. But this is sometimes hard to do, even if you own a grill. There are tools, however, like the Masterbuilt electric smoker, which are designed for this purpose. They circulate the smoke inside a cabinet and help get that smokey flavor to penetrate the meat. Smokey meat and outdoor parties always seem to go well together for some reason. And, guests always love it.

Get Rid of Mosquitos


There’s nothing more annoying than trying to talk to somebody outside and hearing that tell-tale mosquito whine. What’s more, never knowing when they’re going to try to suck your blood is unnerving. Of course, you can try using bug zappers and citronella candles. But to really keep mosquitoes away, the best option is to use torches. Here’s how to make them.

Please Don’t Stop The Music

If you want a great garden party, you’ve got to create the mood. But how? With music of course. But don’t just blast it out from your house. That won’t do. Instead, grab a Bluetooth speaker and find a good perch for it somewhere in your garden. You could put it on top of your shed, or you could hang it with a rope between some trees.

Add Your Own Finger Foods

While people are waiting around for the main event, it’s a good idea to offer them finger food. Finger food allows guest to mingle more freely. And it’s also good at helping them avoid spills. When it comes to finger foods, your options are almost limitless. You could have smoked, spice chicken wings, mini glazed donuts, or melon and parma ham.

Light It Up


With the evening drawing in, you’ll need to think about how you light your outdoor space. Sure, you could use your security lighting, but that’s hardly the friendliest or most atmospheric approach. Instead, why not invest in some string lights or lanterns to build that party vibe? The great thing about string lights s that you can weave them along the branches of trees. Mini-lantern lights are cool too


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