Five Surprising Health Benefits From Gardening

Some of us take sheer enjoyment from gardening. Finding a passion in the things we grow and giving some love and attention to the flowers and the lawns. Not to mention becoming a little self-sufficient by growing fruit and vegetables. But, for some, gardening is a chore that you simply can’t get on with. Something you have to do perhaps to ensure that your garden looks satisfactory to others. However, you may be missing a trick with your garden, as you can enjoy some health benefits. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.


It can be a good cardio exercise workout

Who would have thought that mowing your lawn could be considered a cardio workout? But the truth is, it can be a great light exercise that your body can massively benefit from. Consider mowing your lawn, for example, using a manual mower instead of an electric or gas version means that it’s a little harder to get the job done. Of course, you get the same results, but a little more effort is required for you to do it, hence the workout. If you are considering changing your mower, then you can find the best reel mower here. It’s important we do some sort of cardio workout a few times a week for a healthy heart, so why not get one of your gardening chores done at the same time?

Want muscle tone? Trim the hedges

It might not seem like your idea of fun, but trimming the hedges back can be a great way to define some of your muscles tone in your arms. Using hand-held clippers, again, require some effort, hence the definition. But they give off great results as well. Doing this action not only strengthens your bicep and triceps muscles, but it can also help to improve your core as you reach up and stretch your body.

Reducing your stress levels

Gardening can be seen as quite therapeutic, which is why it is recorded that many gardeners have lower stress levels that other people. It enables you to take your mind off a situation and focus on the task at hand. As you lower your stress levels, you may find that you gain improved sleep, relax better and can take better care of your mental well-being.  

Tighter abdominal muscles

Who doesn’t want abs? You may not want that model six pack we see in magazines, but that doesn’t mean to say you wouldn’t want to have a better muscle definition in the stomach area. Gardening can help. Simple chores like weeding, raking, and strimming are all gardening activities vital to keeping up appearances, but can also help improve your abdominal muscle strength and definition. You will be well on your way to that toned body.

What about that bottom and thigh area?

Finally, two of the worst areas people can have complexes over are their bottoms and their thighs. Notoriously known as hard places to tone up and lose weight. However, the squatting action you do when weeding flowerbeds and planting new flowers is a great way to strengthen the muscles in those areas.

I hope this has encouraged you to get out in the garden more.