Yes, Music Really is Good for Your Health

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Bob Marley once said that one of the good things about music was that when it hit you, you feel no pain and he was right. He might not have known it to be true in the scientific sense, but he felt that music had the power to heal, and you know what? It can do much more than simply soothe your pain!

If you love music, you’ll be happy to know that scientists have found numerous health benefits associated with both listening to and playing it…

Music is a Form of Pain Relief

As Bob Marley realized, music can relieve pain, and not just in the emotional sense. Studies have shown that playing music that you enjoy for at least 10-minutes can meaningfully alleviate the pain you perceive, if not getting rid of it completely, making it far less intense.

Music Can Help You To Overcome Depression

Learning to play instruments, whether at an official music learning center or in the comfort of your own home, can push you into a flow state and boost your self-confidence, helping you to fight back against depression and feel far fewer effects of the illness overall when you do it regularly. It really does soothe the soul.

Music Pushes You to Workout Harder

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In a study of male college students, it was found that those who listened to fast music cycled harder when using stationary bikes. Not only that,m but they actually enjoyed their jams more. Similar studies have found that doing HIIT when listening to music will unconsciously make you push yourself harder to achieve greater gains in a shorter amount of time.

Music Speeds Up Post-Exercise Recovery

Oh, and music doesn’t just help you when you’re exercising either; if you listen to music after your workout, your body is likely to recover faster than if you sit in silence or watch the TV, for example. For optimum results, it seems that slower, more relaxing music is better, but anything you fancy listening to will help.

Music Can Help You Sleep Better

Music can also improve the quality of your sleep, classical music to be precise. In several studies, it has been shown to alleviate insomnia, and it’s far cheaper and more pleasurable than popping a pill!

Music Can Curb Your Appetite

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If you didn’t already think music was amazing, perhaps the fact that playing soft music while you eat can help you to slow down and eat less, when combined with soft lighting, like you would find in a great restaurant, will?

Music Can Improve the Functioning of Blood Vessels

This one might seem too good to be true, but scientists have found that the emotions that are brought up by listening to certain pieces of music can affect the functioning of their blood vessels. Listening to music you enjoy will make you happier and this will increase your blood flow – astounding, isn’t it?

Music Can Reduce Stress

When you listen to great music it triggers biochemical stress reducers which relieve stress in the body.

Music is truly amazing!


  1. Ricky Martin

    Music is really good for our health. It helps in reducing stress from the mind, improves the quality of our sleep, improves the functioning of blood vessels, and many more.

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  3. roland piano

    Music affects the brain in many ways. Listening and playing music reduced anxiety.

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