Staying Healthy When You Work In Live Music

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Working in the music industry is a thrill. There’s something incredible about visiting a different city every night and being a part of something that means so much to so many people. But the gig work life can be a tough one, and even if you’re not on stage performing every night, there are still some risks to your health behind the scenes. If you’re going to survive the tour, you’re going to need to take better care of yourself. Here are some things to think about to help you stay healthy when working in live music.

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Protect your hearing

Your hearing is important, but it’s easy for it to get damaged when you’re dealing with live music night after night. Protecting your hearing with ear plugs or ear defenders is important to keep your hearing intact in the future. If you develop any kind of prolonged ringing, it’s best to seek help from a doctor. There are customizable programs for tinnitus treatment that can help you to manage your symptoms and help you find relief. Protection is better than cure, however, so try to be cautious on tour when it comes to your ears.

Try to get as much sleep as possible

The typical image of a band partying the night away after each gig can make going to bed feel like the wimp’s choice. But all of those late nights will soon take their toll on your health, and you’ll find you do a much poorer job when you’re tired and can’t focus properly. While it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep on tour, there are some tips you can follow to help you get a more restful sleep when you’re away from home. An early night is a great move now and then, so save the partying for another night. 

Make better food choices

Another downfall of tour life is the food choices. Often takeout and catered food are your choices, but all of that junk will soon start making your feel sluggish, and could help you put on weight. Instead of reaching for the easy choice each day, try eating some heartier foods. A soup packed with vegetables makes a great option for lunch, while making sure you eat something lean in the evenings will help get rid of the bloating and give you some much-needed protein and energy. 

Find chances to exercise

Exercise is another thing that can fall by the wayside when you’re touring. This is partly due to a lack of energy, but it can also be due to the fact you don’t have enough time. A HIIT workout can be a good way of fitting in some quick exercise each day, or you could think about taking up running. Provided you’ve got your running shoes, you can enjoy running anywhere. How cool would it be to run through each city you visit? Check out some beginner’s running tips to help you get started.

While tour life can lead to some health problems if you’re not cautious, there are plenty of things that can make it a great way to work. Music is good for your health, so why not surround yourself with it to help you enjoy what you do and find some happiness too?


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