Why Are The Public Disillusioned With Politics? (& Why It’s Still Crucial To Vote)

Image Politicians are shouting, but nobody is listening

There is a palpable sense of disillusion towards politics across all parts of this great land. And it’s not simply because of President Trump – after all, there are just as many supporters as doubters.   

The truth of the matter is that there are many contributing factors towards our disillusion towards the landscape. Let’s take a closer look at some of the integral features.

Politicians Focusing On The Wrong Things

The people in power are in charge of governing our country and building a brighter future. While the party’s policies do cover a wide range of subjects, it’s hard not to feel that they are focused on the wrong things.

Over the past few years, the threat of foreign terrorism has dominated campaigns and media coverage. In reality, while it is a concern, there are far bigger risks to consider. Moreover, there are issues of far greater significance to our daily lives. The continued dismissal of those issues is a major problem.

Whichever party you back, it’s hard to argue that the people in power are prioritizing the most important issues. The celebrity-like vibe surrounding senates and people in power can feel a little distracting.

A Lack Of Consistency

While the concept of people changing roles is nothing new, there has been a trend of resignations by key personnel in recent times. This rings true on a local and a national level. Already in 2019, changes like the resignation of Matt Manweller have changed the landscape. Frankly, it has been hard to keep up.

The lack of consistency starts near the very top, as was underlined by the resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen as cabinet secretary. When coupled with some of the inconsistencies and contradictions during debates, knowing what to believe is hard. Sadly, this situation is likely to get worse over the coming months leaving up to the off-year elections too.       

It Feels As Though We’re Beyond Saving

Politicians are supposed to give us up. Whatever you think of President Trump’s reign, there is no question that government are faced with a lot of difficult battles. Let’s face it; global society is still suffering some of the fallout of the 2008 crisis. Along with a host of other long-term issues.

With living costs rising and work-life balances suffering, it’s hard to feel too optimistic either way. Moreover, global warming and other environmental issues make it all seem a little futile. Regardless of who is in charge, the mountain ahead feels almost unconquerable. Again this can encourage you to surmise that we are beyond help.

Once you reach this conclusion, finding the energy to read policies, follow debates, and pay an interest is very tough indeed.


The political situation isn’t great at the moment, with problems in both camps. Rather than discouraging you from caring, this should give you even more incentive to make your voice heard. Otherwise, things will continue to develop in much the same way. Whichever way you usually vote, be sure to participate leading up to November and beyond.