American Politics: Is Foreign Terrorism Really A Threat?

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President Donald Trump would have citizens believe that the threat of terrorism from overseas is worthy of concern. However, many experts claim the biggest risks the average people face come from close to home. During the next few years, the President will forge a new foreign policy based on the suggestions of his advisors. The issue is that many of those professionals seem to misrepresent the danger American people face from those in the Arab and Islamic world. So, this article will take a look at some of the issues the President should take seriously moving forward.

How many people die from foreign terrorist attacks in the US? 3024 since 1975

Road deaths

According to a top personal injury attorney, there were no less than 17,775 deaths on US roads during 2016. That is many times higher than the number of fatalities caused by foreign terrorists in the last forty years. It stands to reason that the American government should focus less of their time on Iran and North Korea, and more of it on ensuring its citizens know how to stay safe in their vehicles. A high percentage of those fatalities happen due to drink-driving every single year. That means the US public is five or six times more likely to lose their lives on the road than they are in an attack perpetrated by terrorists from another country.

Drug and alcohol deaths

According to news articles, more than 50,000 American people died from drug or alcohol overdoses during the last twelve months. That figure does not include all the people who died from long-term drug use, and it doesn’t mention those who met their end on the roads while under the influence. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that drugs and alcohol are almost eight times as likely to send you to an early grave than foreign terrorists. Maybe President Trump should remember those numbers when planning his budget for next year. Being as the CIA and other intelligence agencies use the substances to raise money for espionage and secret wars, that is unlikely to happen.

Homegrown terrorist attacks

Since 9/11 almost double the number of people died as a result of homegrown terrorism compared to fatalities caused by immigrants. Nearly 600 lives were lost in the last sixteen years due to the actions of American-born nutcases who wanted to shoot up schools or movie theaters, etc. That suggests that US citizens are twice as likely to die from a gunshot wound from their neighbor than they are to suffer injuries at the hands of a jihadi.


All readers should work hard to promote and distribute this information to ensure their friends and family members don’t fall for the Trump-created propaganda about the threats America faces from abroad. When all’s said and done, this is one of the richest countries on the planet with one of the strongest militaries. North Korea, Iran, and other developing nations could never pose a threat to a superpower of that size.