Transforming The Garden From Jungle To Paradise

Spring is passing by quickly and you know what that means? It means Summer is on its way. As the sun starts to appear more frequently and more heated as the days pass by, it means that one area of your house and property will become a bit more useful. Of course, that’s the garden. We don’t use the garden when it is soggy and wet, nor when it is windy and cold. What this means is that we aren’t working on our garden when conditions are bad and for some, this can build up and build up to the point where a garden is so mangled that any work seems pointless. The Summer is a time where we can truly make the most of our garden and if your outside space looks more of a jungle than a paradise, then the serious work needs to start now – right now!


Your garden situation will differ. Everyone’s garden will be different. This means you could be facing a number of issues, and each person’s battle will be a bit different. If you have bushes, you could be facing a bunch of overgrown bushes that stretch far past their limits. If you’ve got grass, it might have grown tall. If you have trees, this means you’ve got years of leaves to clean up if they haven’t decayed into the ground. You might have clumps of dirt, debris, broken bricks and party leftovers. Everyone’s situation will be different, but the same rule will always apply – be safe. There’s nothing nastier than taking a lashing of poison ivy or thorns because you got a bit eager. If your garden situation is truly awful, don’t hesitate to call in some landscaping help. A professional touch can make a huge difference and help you skip a couple of stages. Everyone will also need different tools, but mainly – if you’ve got a lawn mower and some shears as well as some gloves, you’ll be able to handle the vast majority of garden issues pretty simply. That jungle in your way will be reduced with a few afternoons of hard work. Just break it down into stages and remove all the debris and dispose of it.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve done half the job. Your garden should now be clear for any project you wish to embark on. At the very least, it will no longer be a jungle. As for paradise? That depends on what you want from your garden. A garden has a lot of uses and you might see things coming together. Our ideas of paradise might be different, so think about what you want from your garden. Do you want it to be a chill zone? Do you want decking to create a party platform? Do you want to grow fruit and veg to be sustainable? This is the point where our paths will diverge as every option will be different, so find out what is best for your garden, find out how to use your space and create your paradise!


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