Garden Improvements That Can Boost the Value of Your Property

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If you are thinking about selling your home, you will want to ensure you get as much from the sale financially as possible. You may have already considered home improvements such as a new kitchen or an extension, but have you thought about improving your garden? Most homeowners assume that garden improvements won’t make much of a difference to their asking price, but they can actually add significant value. In fact, a well-maintained garden can add as much as £60,000 to the value of your property based on the current average price in the UK. Read on for some top tips.


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  • Invest in a shed – While a shed may not seem glamorous, they are officially the in-thing when it comes to gardens around the country. In fact, according to research by Cuprinol, 21 million Britons own a shed. A well-designed outhouse, especially one that is wired for electricity and insulated, will be a great benefit for many buyers, no matter whether it is used as a den, home office, or an outdoor kitchen.
  • Add a water feature – Not only will a water feature add value to your home, but running water can help to mask noise in busy areas next to schools or main roads. They are ideal for creating a peaceful and serene environment that will appeal to potential buyers.
  • Consider a terrace – Extend the living environment of your home to the outside with a well-designed terrace. You wouldn’t scrimp on the quality of your flooring inside the home, so make sure you choose premium quality paving for outside.
  • Create an al fresco kitchen area – Nowadays, homeowners want more than a portable BBQ. Think about separate sheds or buildings that contain a kitchen and/or a dining space area outside. These are bound to be a major hit with viewers, significantly boosting what your property is worth.


    • Invest in an irrigation systemProfessional irrigation systems are well worth considering. This is bound to be a massive hit with anyone interested in your home. An irrigation system will ensure that the plants in your garden get the right amount of water so that your outdoor space can flourish and look beautiful at all times.


  • Rethink the design of your garden – It is important to ensure that the design of your garden is balanced, as this will make it feel like it is part of the house. You can also make your garden appear bigger than it is by utilising certain viewpoints and vistas. For tips on how to transform your garden from a jungle to paradise, click here.
  • Get the lighting right – Lastly, invest in some lights for the garden. This will make sure it is usable at night while also creating the perfect ambience.



As you can see, there are many different improvements that can be made in order to boost the value of your property. A lot of these changes are really easy to make as well, meaning a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to the sale of your house.