Tomb Raider: Underworld

The second of my video game reviews for Havoc PC has gone live. Check out this preview; link to the full at the bottom:

Tomb_Raider_-_UnderworldTomb Raider: Underworld

To say that Tomb Raider has been the most consistently mediocre long-running franchise in video gaming history would certainly be an overstatement, though many critics would tell you exactly that. The first game dropped in 1996, and eight unchanging games have followed since. New games in the series are routinely criticized for being more of the same, which is true enough, but “the same” is pretty fun. The iconic Lara Croft is slammed as being an unrealistic fanboy fantasy. Also true enough, but it’s hard to argue with such an instantly recognizable image.

The truth is this: While the Tomb Raider series hasn’t done much to revolutionize gaming (much less get out of its own way) since the original, they remain fun and at times thrilling romps through extraordinary leaps, brain-bending puzzles, clever levels, and stories worth ignoring.


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