Hey comic artists! Look here

So I’m putting together a comic anthology. I’ll be writing the whole thing and working with an array of artists to bring it all to life. There are already five artists on board, including some amazingly talented guys with published work to their name, and a handful of others “in talks” … but I’m looking for more.

So if you can draw, and can work at a reasonable pace, and would like to see your work in print alongside some really dynamite artists, get in contact with me. Show me your stuff. Show me your sequential art. And we’ll get talking.

Aiming for a summer release in a nice square-bound volume that aims to feature 10-12 stories of about 8 pages each. If you can stretch out beyond superhero stuff, that’s a plus, as the genres in this book will vary wildly. If you can letter, that’s also a big plus.

That’s all for today. I need to finish up a review of Tomb Raider: Underworld, plus finish up some stuff on A Year of Hitchcock.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about my feelings or something. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in blogs? Talk about, like, feelings and stuff?

So yeah, maybe I’ll do that.

Or not.

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