5 Inspirational Urban Gardening Projects From Across The Globe

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Urban gardening is fast becoming a popular trend across the globe. It has given birth to all sorts of fantastic spaces and opportunities, both from an entrepreneurial point of view and a community one. It’s not that well understood, however, so we’ve picked out some great examples that might just fill you with inspiration. If these suggestions don’t get your creative juices flowing, I don’t know what will.

#1 Sky Greens, Singapore

We’ll start in Singapore, with a success story that is very encouraging to see. Locally grown vegetables in Singapore only make up a very small portion of consumption. Normally, food supplies are imported from a variety of different countries. With Sky Greens, vertical farming has reduced the amount and energy needed for traditional farm techniques. Its products can be found at local stores in Singapore. They’re priced competitively, which is a bonus considering their premium nature.


#2 PolyWes Gardens, USA

In Fort Worth, Polywes Gardens is establishing a community garden project with entrepreneurial possibilities. On their website at www.polywesgardens.org, it’s stated that Polytechnic Heights is considered a food desert. The project looks to eliminate that label by producing access to fresh produce in the local area. Obviously, the benefits of a community garden project in a low-income area are plentiful, too.


#3 Urban Gardens, USA

Urban Gardens is located in Denver, and all the gardens are maintained by the local community. Once again, they’re found mostly in low-income areas. They have been in place for over thirty years, and there are over 100 gardens installed. Some of these gardens offer educational opportunities, while another is there in memoriam. The Urban Gardens have been used in all sorts of ways over the years, and they’re an important part of Denver’s culture.

#4 FARM: Shop, UK

This was opened back in 2011 in London, UK. There are numerous goals that it sets out to achieve. First, it wants to grow food for those who live in the city of London. More importantly, it wants to prove that food can be grown without masses of space. There’s a cafe you can visit, and there’s plenty of farming spaces for neighborhood residents. The next step is something called FARM: London. According to http://farmlondon.weebly.com, the idea is to “build a 3000 square metre farm on a London rooftop.” We’ll be watching this one intently.


#5 Uncommon Ground, USA

Uncommon Ground is located in Chicago, and it grows a variety of different crops throughout the year. It used to be a coffee shop, but it’s now a fully fledged restaurant and music venue. It’s also known for being an organic brewery. Everything they grow is from seed, and they focus on products that are normally on the more expensive side.

Talk about inspirational, right? I can’t see any downsides for urban gardening. It’s such a great way of bringing the community together and creating natural beauty in a place you might not expect it.  It’s also a great way to carry out your gardening hobby! Let me know what your favorite urban gardening projects are.


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