Smile You’re On Camera: The Importance of CCTV

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We’ve all heard of CCTV, and the whole big brother is watching you debate. And nobody, apart from the contestants on the rather prolific TV show of the same name, likes the idea of being spied on. But CCTV is actually there for our protection. And we should be asking for it to be placed around more cities and rural areas, to deter chancers, criminals and those that prey on individuals.


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What Is CCTV

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It is also known as video surveillance. They work by using either an Analogue or an IP-based camera system. Analogue systems are the most commonly used, but as technology advances, IP-based systems are coming into play. Analogue systems use a camera that has a series of wires supplied to a recording gadget and lots of monitors. These then record video over a set period and keep it on site. IP-based systems work similarly but have a few more high-tech advantages. These include higher video resolution, sharper images and the ability to email video images to other sources. IP cameras can also be set only to watch when suspicious activity is noted, by tracking the area when it is clocked as being disturbed.

CCTV In The Home

CCTV is used in cities around the world and also in many shops and workplaces. And it can also be used at your property, both outside and inside the home. CCTV for home can deter burglars and also help catch criminals if they break in and get away. It also gives you the added benefit of peace of mind and additional security. The police do encourage homeowners to get CCTV cameras fitted at eye level outside their homes. This can help police solve any incidents that occur. Eye level is the best place st it enables facial recognition. Home CCTV is an affordable option with prices starting from as little as £50 for the most basic. The more high tech you go, the more costly it will be, and if you so wish you can spend thousands on advanced technology. Although even if you have CCTV installed, you still need to add in burglar alarms and security lighting for extra protection.


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CCTV In The WorkPlace

CCTV is used in many workplaces for security measures and health and safety. It also used for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. It can prevent theft in the workplace and check that health and safety regulations are not breached. It can also help to increase employees productivity and prevent any misconduct between colleagues. In the financial sector, it is often used to make sure legal requirements are not being breached. There are pitfalls to CCTV though. It can breach the Human Rights Act and also pose the question of mistrust of an organisation towards its employees. So it’s swings and roundabouts, with both benefits and cons.


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CCTV In Shops

It certainly makes sense to have CCTV installed in shops. There are many petty criminals out there who think nothing of stealing from retailers. And because these systems are used for security, retailers are not obliged to tell customers that they are recording them. CCTV in shops works both for catching criminals but also for watching how shoppers interact on the floor. It can help shops judge where shopper’s buying activity and increase their sales.  


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