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Logistics is part of the lifeblood of most developed countries. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, it’s essential that you are aware of the means by which you can ensure things are as safe as possible in such a business.


On the road

This is the first thing people think of: when it comes to logistics, you’re probably going to be using trucks to get products from A to B. And trucking is hardly one of the safest professions out there.

Trucking accidents are not uncommon in this industry. While many would be happy to try to pin the blame on the truckers themselves, these drivers often have strong grounds to get a lawyer and fight for compensation. The mistakes of others are often a cause of such accidents, be it the negligence of others on the road, or the negligence of their employers to implement proper safety measures.

Strict rules for drivers should be in place, and if you know those rules are being broken then you should never just let it slide. But rules aren’t always enough. You must ensure that the drivers aren’t overworked, which is, unfortunately, a rampant problem in this business. You should also consider GPS tracking and data systems that can help keep an eye on speeds and other safety protocols such as seatbelt use.


In the warehouse

Off the road, you’ve still got a lot of problems to think about. When people think of dangers in logistics, they usually only think about the long travels between checkpoints. But the warehouses, of course, present many of their own dangers.

There are forklifts to be concerned about, after all. These things should only be operated by those who have specialist forklift training. Don’t be tempted to allow anyone else to use a forklift, even if it’s only for a very brief job. It could have tremendously damaging consequences.

Outside of that, warehouses are often replete with heavy objects. If these aren’t handled correctly, then this can result in severe injury to a worker’s back or their legs. Slips and falls should also be a cause for concern. Perhaps the best course of action is to get a warehouse safety audit.

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Security concerns

Of course, it’s not just the safety of employees that should be a focus when it comes to health and safety in logistics. When you’re dealing with warehouses or haulage bases, you have to consider the possibility that other people who aren’t employees may try to access the area. I’m talking, of course, about members of the public who are considering trespassing!

When people think about this sort of problem, they usually connect it to thievery. (That, or some really low-skilled attempt at corporate espionage.) The issue of health and safety rarely enters their mind, unless they feel that such intruders could pose a direct risk to the safety of their staff.

But intruders on your property aren’t going to be aware of any safety guidelines, and may find themselves in sticky situations if you have dangerous equipment around. This is why a strong focus on security – in the form of guards, monitoring via CCTV, and strong barriers – is so important. If someone is injured on your property, you may be held liable. The law can be funny that way.