Smartphones: The Future Of Our Web

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It is common knowledge that smartphones have pretty much replaced, or are in the process of replacing, the gadgets which we used to rely on. Things like alarm clocks, digital cameras, calculators and calendars now seem like they are on the brink of extinction. Think about it, when was the last time you used one of these without touching or thinking of your smartphone? Okay, alarm clocks still might be pretty useful if your phone loses battery overnight but the majority of people just set an alarm on their smartphones and plug the phone in.

As well as being really useful to update our social media, chat through messaging apps, play games, and – obviously – make phone calls, it is now really simple and easy to watch your favourite shows or films on your phone. So, when on the bus, you can catch up with that latest series, and when waiting around for someone, you can watch that film on Movie Box which you have been meaning to get around to watching for a while. All through that little magical device in your pocket.

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It took some people, particularly the older generation, a little while longer than younger people to comprehend and understand the benefits of owning a smartphone and how it could improve their lives. Of course, all of us know someone who still holds on to an older phone, which has simple, minimal functions such as messaging and phone calls. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone owning an older phone, though. Some people prefer a mobile phone that just does what it needs to do. But, it seems that before long a lot of mobile phone owners will have a smartphone simply because of the drop in the price of phone contracts and the deals that mobile network providers are offering.

However, the rise of smartphones has also, unfortunately, seen a rise in online violence and cruelty. Search for a real life bullying video or a video which depicts violence between human beings and the chances are that the video was amateurly filmed on a smartphone by a passer by. Although, it has to be said, there is only a small percentage of smartphone users who would film and upload a video depicting violence. A lot of videos that are filmed and uploaded are harmless and depict relationships, modern life, vlogs and sports – to name a few.

So, if you don’t own a smartphone then you more than likely will own one pretty soon. They provide ease of use, constant access to the web (in today’s world we all know that is really important), good quality photographs and videos, and you can search for any information when you are out and about. A lot of younger people rely on their smartphones to connect with friends and check out the latest social media updates. Like it or not, smartphones are going to continue to rise and become the future of how we live our lives, in a simple and fast-paced way.