Cool Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone’s Headphone Jack

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Just when you thought you knew everything about your Android phone, a new bit of info comes along to surprise you! I love learning about tips and tricks to get the most out of my smartphone. Imagine my amazement when I found that the headphone jack can do a lot more than connect headphones! Unfortunately, we’re not including the iPhone on this list due to the latest model’s abandonment of the jack (boo!). Still, all you Android owners are in luck!

IR Blaster

With the help of a handy gadget, you can get an IR blaster that plugs into the headphone jack. Once you’ve set it up, you can use it to control all sorts of devices in your home, including the TV! It ends up working as a universal remote, so you can ditch all the others and start using your phone as a multi-purpose device. Insane.

Spray Fragrances

Yeah, this is a thing. No really…I’m not making this up! There is an app called Scentee. It works on both older iPhone devices and Android devices, and it’s certainly unique! Using the app, the gadget sprays a fragrance into the air when plugged into the headphone jack. This can also be customized to spray when you want it to. Do you want a nice brush of fragrance when someone likes your Facebook post? No problem.

Credit Card Reader

Yes, the power of a headphone jack allows businesses to take payments with credit cards. How crazy is that?! A mobile credit card reader can be obtained from a company specializing in them. Then, a mobile app will be provided that allows the reader to function properly. Once everything is set up, payments can be made on the go, with customers swiping their cards through the mobile reader. Most of these readers require an active internet connection, but that’s it. This gadget has changed the way some businesses operate in the past few years.


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Measure Room Temperature

There are some companies providing gadgets that can measure the room temperature for you. Again, you stick the device in the headphone slot, and it’ll work its magic to provide you with an accurate reading. In fact, there are a lot of similar things you can do in relation to temperature. For example, you can even get a gadget that allows you measure the temperature of a barbecue. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that twenty years ago?!

Split Headphone Outputs

Of course, the headphone jack is made primarily to host headphones. There are times in our lives when we want to be able to share the music output on our phones. We might be sitting on a bus with our friends or showcasing a new musical creation, for example. That’s where headphone splitters can come in particularly handy. These devices split the output to multiple pairs of headphones, allowing everyone to share the music at once. Awesome.

See? You learn something new everyday. No longer will any of us take our headphone jacks for granted!

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