New zone out music: Second Slumber – Empty Nest (2020)

Unlike writing, I’ve still kept music “pure.” By that I mean it’s still something I go to when I just want to freely express myself, pushing out what’s in my head and heart and soul in an abstract way without worrying about whether or not it’s “right.”

So when throughout 2019 I was working on an album I knew would end up being called “Empty Nest,” it wasn’t a formal project I was working towards — dear lord I do too much of that — it was just something I gravitated to when I wanted to escape my thoughts, cares, and worries of the day. Plug in the guitar, put on the headphones, and hope for the best, right?

The following is the result, culled from three or four hours of improvised material. It’s full of slow builds to spacious climaxes, linked together by long sections of moody sounds or short pieces of experimental music. It’s an evolution of what I did here, though it’s not quite where I envision this sound going to yet. (The next is in progress!)

But I like it, in particular tracks 2 and 8, if you have the patience to ride with them, so here it is, recorded all alone:

Empty Nest (2020)

  1.  Stop Singing (0:16) mp3
  2. The Surrogate (11:02) mp3
  3. Three Scenes at 21 (2:38) mp3
  4. Empty Nest (8:35) mp3
  5. This Is Thanksgiving (2:36) mp3
  6. Lift in Sweat and Shame (9:57) mp3
  7. FYSIMT (1:07) mp3
  8. The Last Firepit (14:05) mp3
  9. Useful Engine (0:13) mp3

Download mp3s here

Full Album on Bandcamp

NOTES: … rocket to osaka. Lift in Sweat and Shame was not on this until the last minute. should have left it off and restructured the record. Maybe? Don’t know. Doesn’t matter. I’ve moved on.