My first new music for 2018: “Coming Up For Air,” by m2

This is the new m2 record, my ongoing music project focused on guitar soundscapes, drones, and dense ambiance. It’s outer space music. Music to write or meditate to. The sound of ocean waves and the moons of Jupiter; of machinery at the bottom of a canyon and of being 100 feet beneath the water.

I almost dropped this in the autumn of 2017, but I ended up spending quite a bit of time fussing with the third track, removing it, putting it back, fussing with it some more. Ended up using a severely shortened version of it (about 4 minutes long compared to the original 9). It seems to work best this way.

This record is meant to be more open and spacious than recent m2 records. Hopeful and positive. Like taking a breath after a deep plunge. A breath before what? I don’t know. But that’s the intention. You can download it directly from the links, or stream it right from this page. My thanks to Cary Christopher for the cover photo, which he did indeed take while coming up for air while SCUBA diving.

Hope you enjoy it, because there is a lot more to come in 2018. A LOT more. (You can find previous m2 recordings on my m2 page, and other music projects here)

Coming Up For Air (2018)

  1. Doc Brown’s Car Brought Down The Towers (7:43)
  2. Unborn Child (19:37)
  3. Giving Up The Test (4:01)
  4. Around Every Corner There Is A Lie (4:17)
  5. Taylor Swift Used To Sponge Me (9:37)

Recorded in 2015. Prepared in 2017. Released in 2018. Cover photo by Cary Christopher.


Doc Brown’s Car Brought Down The Towers

Unborn Child

Giving Up The Test

Around Every Corner There is A Lie

Taylor Swift Used To Sponge Me