Hearing Your Heroes In The Flesh

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Most people have fond connections with at least a few pieces of music. The way the instrumentation makes your hair stand on end; or, the way their voice makes tears form in your eyes. Of course, a lot of people only ever get to hear their favourite pieces played through speakers or headphones; instead of the real thing. And, this is a shame. It’s not too hard to see live music; even when it’s big bands. So, there’s really no excuse not to be seeing them. To help you out with this, this post will be going through what you can expect from two different types of show. And, the ways you can get your hands on some tickets.

One of the best ways to see musicians is at festivals. At this sort of event, you don’t only have the chance to see one person performing. Instead, you have the chance to see a whole host of different acts play. Some festivals will only last a day. But, others will last for almost a week. If you’re staying for multiple days; you’ll probably have to camp, though. This is the biggest setback for a lot of people trying to go to a festival. But, if you don’t mind roughing it; you’ll get to see your favourite band. Of course, festivals can be risky, though. Their lineups are long, and it’s easy for acts to clash with each other. And, if you have to buy your ticket before lineups are announced; you’ll have to make do with the bands playing.

The uncertainty of a festival will be enough for a lot of people to consider it a bad option. But, this doesn’t leave you out of options. Instead, you just need to look for more specific events. Bands will often go on tour and play in venues along the way. This means that they will visit loads of venues; hopefully, going to one which is near you. You can look up the tour dates of most bands by looking at their websites. But, services like Spotify will usually tell you when a band you listen to is playing nearby. This sort of event is best for those who don’t care about variety; and, just want to see one group play.

Getting tickets for either of these types of event can be hard. Any show with high demand will often see tickets sell out within days of going on sale. In some examples, like Glastonbury Festival, tickets will sell out in mere hours. So, you have to be quick. Finding the best concert ticket sites in your area is just a matter of doing some research. Usually, these sorts of companies will allow you to sign up to mailing lists to allow you to see when tickets go on sale. But, it wouldn’t hurt to set some reminders on your phone, either.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done; if you enjoy music, but don’t get to see your favourite bands in the flesh often enough. There’s nothing quite like live music. So, it’s worth having your fill as often as you can.

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