Finding New Sounds When You’re Tired Of Skipping The Same Old Songs

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If you’re like most real music lovers, then you cherish the undoubtedly extensive playlists full of masterpieces you collected and curated throughout the years. Beyond tastes changing, however, it can be quite easy to find that you skip through your playlist more often than you let a song play through. When that happens, take it as a sign you need to start looking in different directions. Beyond organically discovering new artists, however, how do you find the fertile ground that new music loves can grow on?

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Places like this

This blog has some pretty great ideas on artists worth listening to. But it’s not just this one. The blogosphere and the online community, in general, is a great place to find artists that you definitely haven’t heard of before. If you want to spend literal hours finding new sounds, then think about bands or particular sub genres you like and head over to any one of the Reddit’s related subreddits on the subject. There are plenty of suggestion threads up on them already and it’s a great way to throw a plethora of new tracks your way to let your mind find the distinction.

The new mixtapes

In the old days, mixtapes were one of the best ways to get new music. They would be passed from person to person, often with plenty you’ve heard already and plenty that doesn’t strike you, but that one song that spawns an obsession with a new artist. The collaborative playlists on Spotify are replacing traditional mixtapes in a big way. People listen, they find music that fits the vibe or the theme, and they keep passing them on. It’s not only a great way to find new music but to make your own additions.

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Live shows

Going to venues to listen to new artists is always a bit of a roll of the dice, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s one worth taking if you have friends willing to go with you. However, finding new shows from your old favourites through places like The Ticket Merchant can be just as helpful. You tend to find that the best bands with the smaller reach or the latest up-and-comers often make up the supporting acts. Plus, hearing music you already know you love but in a live environment can make the same old songs suddenly feel much more vibrant the next time you listen to them.

The influencers

Podcasting has been growing in a big way for the past five or so years, and there have popped up some highly established names well worth listening too. Nowadays, there aren’t as many radio stations with true influencers that tend to have tastes as consistent and as lacking in influence from the charts (which you can hear just about anywhere). Online is the new home of organic radio discoveries.

Always be on the lookout, always be willing to throw yourself into new scenes, and always be willing to change how you hear the artists you already love. Rejuvenation is as good as renovation when it comes to listening to music.


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