Ear-bleedingly relaxing music, just for you

While checking the traffic stats on my website, I came across this unusual link. Surfed over to check it out. It’s a French website in which people post what music they’re listening to at the moment.

And one of those fellas happened to be listening to one of my albums.

Well hey, that’s pretty neat. Brought a smile to my face. I give the stuff away — it’s just a hobby, really — so it’s always a joy when someone discovers it and likes it. After all, I make it for me, so when other people dig it that’s a bonus. You can listen along at home, too. Here’s the record he was listening to, for your downloading, ear-splitting pleasure:


m2 – the dialogue of narrow sorrows

1) Morning With Coffee (2:03)
2) Creature Comforts – movement 1 (7:13)
3) Creature Comforts – movement 2 (2:55)
4) A Fine Time To Forget Your Friends (10:26)
5) Delays In The State of Marriage (2:43)
6) Ugly Dirty Angry Stares part 1 (4:52)
7) Ugly Dirty Angry Stares part 2 (7:47)
8) Ugly Dirty Angry Stares part 3 (1:29)
9) The Quiet Days of Solitude Roll Away (2:17)
10) A New State of Grace (10:46)
11) Out of My System on a Sunday (11:09)
12) Empty Again (3:06)

This is the third release from my m2 project, which consists of lengthy forays into sonic bliss territory. Guitar squalls and layers of sound and feedback and churning soundscapes. It’s not for everyone, but as for me, I love stuff like this.

See, there are few things more important to me than music. Few things that make up a bigger part of my life. There is an almost ceaseless soundtrack behind me. Loud. Quiet. Soft. Noisy. Whatever.

I’ve always found that I had a desire for music like this, though, but not nearly enough of it to listen to. So, I started making my own. This particular album, “The Dialogue of Narrow Sorrows,” was written and recorded in 2008. Even for the experimental nature of this music, it was an experiment. It has — or at least I strived for — a narrative. Though no one will actually notice it, there is a story buried in there, an arc in the way the songs ebb and flow.

If that sounds awfully pretentious, it’s probably because it is. What a ridiculous thing to undertake! Worse still, I don’t think I succeeded in accomplishing what I set out to do. But I like some of the tracks on this record and think there are some very raw, sonically pleasing things happening here. Folks who like The Azusa Plane or Bardo Pond side projects Flying Saucer Attack may enjoy this.

The rest of you will wonder how I have the stones to pass this off as music.

Don’t worry, though. Next time I’ll post “real” music. With, like, singing and stuff.