Comic anthology Vol. 2 is underway

So you might remember that I wrote a comic anthology, which I self-published last year and which you can buy here (hint, hint).

Well, I’m pleased to say that work is progressing on a second anthology of comic stories, some with new artists and some with folks you saw in the first volume. The stories will be all-new (save for one that will include some familiar faces), and will once again span multiple genres. We’ll have Buck Rogers-influenced space opera, Gothic horror in the spirit of classic EC Comics, a Lovecraftian morality play, and a crime story, among others.

I am looking for at least one more artist, though, someone who can do a smooth cartoony style for a tongue-in-cheek Frank Miller pastiche. Someone who is reliable and who can meet deadlines. And someone who doesn’t mind working for little more than the glory of doing something awesome. If you’re that person, drop me a note. I’d love to talk a little more about the project with you.

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