Check out this artwork while I relax

Been a bit busy lately with this, that, and the other thing, so I’ve had to set aside my little distraction of a blog for a while. Keeping up with family and work and writing projects and podcasts is a killer … and now that summer is here, well, a man needs his relaxing time in the backyard, damnit. What’s the sense of a backyard if you never use it?

So while I continue to chug through my projects (now 10 chapters into my dystopian science fiction novel), have another preview of my upcoming comic anthology. Artist Rich Hannah adapted a short story I wrote called “The Last Shot”. This is a sneak peek.

My part will be adapting my own story, rewriting it for the comic version. Should be an interesting challenge.

The anthology should be ready for release by August. I hope you’ll support the great work these artists have done and buy a copy.