3 Reasons Your Book Collections Are FAR Better Than TV

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There’s an alert that some TV streaming sites bring up to tell you when you’ve watched a certain number of hours of television. You get asked whether you are okay and want to keep watching, or whether you want to end the programme that you are currently in the middle of. Anyone who hasn’t come across this message before, has clearly never got in their sweats and binge watched a series or two for a day. Let’s be honest; chilling out in front of the latest and greatest TV show is a rite of passage for a work sick day, or a new series that everyone goes on about. There are bandwagons that are made to be jumped on, and boy, do we jump.

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The thing is, television is just not the same as a good, old fashioned book series. I mean, sure, there are most television shows that are online these days that are derived from a series of books, but they’re just not the same, are they? A little secret is that no matter how many times you record Game Of Thrones, they’ll never be the same as sitting with the original book. A lot of the time, streaming sites like Netflix get their inspiration from books that turn into TV series’, such as Bones which was Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan, or even Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, penned by Daniel Handler. Your book collection has a knack for making you come alive on the inside; they stimulate the imagination and make you feel a range of emotions that a TV series cannot live up to. Below, you’ll find three ways that your book collections are far superior to their TV show counterparts.

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  1. Books are far more unique. Television programmes make us all see the same people live the same life with the same clothes and the same backgrounds. A book? Well, a book can have the leading lady as a different person for everyone. The setting will look different in one imagination from another. A book is truly unique in that way, where a television show just isn’t.
  2. Books don’t often come with spoilers. Every week, social media is littered with warnings of ‘no spoilers, please, lest we come after you’. Often, a television programme is released in one place before another, which means the story can be spoiled for fans everywhere, even by accident. You don’t often get this with books, meaning that when you put it down and press pause, you won’t have the ending spoiled.
  3. Books can make you fly. Words that caress the page and describe a situation for a character in such great detail can make your imagination expand boundlessly. There’s no possible way that you can miss out on the detail, either, because you’re reading everything that the author wants you to visualise. This can make you come right out of your own mind and into someone else’s; books give you wings, that way!

A book gives you a completely different experience to a TV show, a unique and wonderful experience that you are privileged to be able to have. Put down the remote and pick up a new page-turner, you won’t regret it.