4 Great shows you must see this season

Entertainment has evolved a lot these days. There’s always something new to look forward to on screen. There seems to be no room for boredom, what with the amount of things you can do online and offline. But with the so many options you have, you might start thinking, where should I begin? What should I watch? What should I do? You’re in luck because this article will give you 4 things to get glued to this season. Ready?

  1. Believing is Seeing

All right, not exactly a show to look forward to on screen, but definitely something worth noting before we dive into the reel. In this faith centered book, Dr Croley shows how Believing is Seeing by exploring the Christian life through a different perspective. As one of the most respected ophthalmologists in the United States, his vast knowledge about the science of human vision invited him to write a book that weaves our eyes and mind to the see the will of God. Believing is Seeing is not your usual Christian book. It shows you Biblical truths combined with medical insights that would show you how to live a healthy and fruitful life, founded on the Christian paradigm.

  1. Netflix series

Who doesn’t love Netflix nowadays? It’s totally conquered our smart TV’s and has consistently delivered high quality entertaining series. Netflix offers a lot of interesting choices that would pique the interest of even the choosiest spectator. Who doesn’t know of Eleven’s cross with the upside down? Or Piper’s dramatic character development in jail? How about Elliot’s illusion of an underground group of hackers, set to change the world? We’re not here to give out spoilers, so you better watch them!

Netflix has more up its sleeve this season. This includes new releases like the widely acclaimed ‘The End of the F***ing World’, and Letterman’s interview with Obama entitled ‘My next guest needs no introduction’. And if you’re no stranger to Netflix’s array of shows, you should know that Lovesick is still alive (after being renamed from Scrotal Recall), and Grace and Frankie is going stronger.

  1. Marvel movies

Oh how we love Marvel heroes. Every year we anticipate its roster of movie releases and we swarm the cinemas as soon as they air. 2017 was an explosive year for the Marvel comics universe. Slowly but surely they’re stitching the stories together, bringing more substance to its universe. In Thor: Ragnarok we saw our beloved thunder god get pitted with the Hulk in a gladiator like contest. Spiderman: the Homecoming introduced a new actor, Tom Holland to play our friendly neighbor, and it was surprisingly good. And the cast Guardians of the Galaxy 2 never lost its charm, with the characters’ hilarious banters and brilliant effects.

So what’s up this year? Watch out for Black Panther this February, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-man and the Wasp!

  1. Reality shows

If movies and series are not really your thing, maybe reality shows will get you on your couch all day. Follow the lives of the ultra privileged Kardashian fam in their lowly regarded but still widely popular show Keeping up with the Kardashians. If you like them, you’ll probably enjoy Jersey Shore too and its cast of millennials. Bored with following other people’s lives? Try watching some reality based contests from the Next Top Model, Amazing Race, or Got Talent franchise. They never fail to entertain!

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