Where Might You Find Inspiration?


It’s important to be inspired if you hope to enjoy any form of valid creative output whatsoever. Even those who write novels in depression about decaying themes are inspired to put their thoughts to paper, else they’d simply choose not to. Inspiration, however, is something that can be hard to pin down. It’s not always apparent where might find it. This can lead us to endlessly question where we can find our ‘muse,’ and when it might come.

Is the fact that we aren’t writing the novel of the ages our own fault, and if we tried harder inspiration and ideas would come to us? Or is it simply waiting for the right time? Well, the right answer lies somewhere in the middle. It does take a little effort to become your best self no matter what creative pursuit you wish to apply that to. Some of the best ideas also come from the most unlikely places.

We can’t say for sure where you yourself will find inspiration in the most convenient of circumstances. The following may help however:

Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s true. The best ideas often are not spawned in whatever comfortable cocoon you have carved out for yourself. Many people think ‘if only I had the time to sit down and write all day, I could become the best writer ever!’ This is true of any artistic pursuit. Of course you need time to hone your craft, but only doing that means you express yourself often with nothing to really express.

Heading outside of your comfort zone by taking on new challenges, trying hard at something you’re really bad at but enjoy nonetheless, and doing something to socially dare once a day can help you develop into a more fully rounded person, and these efforts might lead you down paths you might not have expected. This can all act as fuel for your art, because honestly who wants to be influenced by the art of someone with little practical or worldly experience?


It’s important to reflect. This is where the hotbed of creativity comes. Creativity is not always a rational thought. As famous authors how exactly they put their thoughts to paper, and they’ll most likely always answer ‘I don’t know.’ Art is usually not a rational thought carefully curated and applied, but something instinctual, felt, and then rationally or irrationally digged into. Reflecting in this way allows for a more wholesome ability to curate your ideas in whatever method works for you.

This could be through meditating while walking on a long hike, laying all day on a new backyard constructed pool using Slater pumps, or enjoying a beer in the peaceful and no-pressure bar in your city of choice. Reflecting means being responsible and able to face your thoughts directly, and to see the value in them. Sometimes it means having the space necessary to approach your thoughts with clarity. It might mean writing out your journal entries to see the state of your mind quite often. This will give you the ammunition necessary to execute whatever value you come up with in a discerning and well-targeted manner.

With these tips, you can be sure that your inspiration is nothing less than well utilised and constant.