Weeds Getting You Down? Here’s How to Defeat Them Once and For All

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Anyone who spends much time doing gardening will have spent time battling weeds for longer than they would like. It’s not much fun, but you can’t let those pesky nuisances overrun your garden and ruin everything you’ve worked hard to grow and put in place.

Don’t worry, though. If weeds are still getting you down and stopping you from enjoying your garden properly, there are things that can be done to eradicate them once and for all. Read on to find out more.

Lay Down Some Newspaper

First of all, you should lay down some newspaper on the ground. This is vital if you’re creating a new flower bed and want to stop any existing weeds in their tracks and prevent any new ones arising. You need about ten sheets of newspaper to form the layer, and they cover it in water. That will help it to all stick in place. After that, you will be free to put your new flowerbed in place without any weed worries.

Upgrade Your Garden’s Mulch

On top of the newspaper, you will need some mulch. Or if you want to switch things up in an existing flower bed, upgrade the mulch that you have in place. This is perhaps the single greatest factor in battling weeds, so it shouldn’t be ignored. Saunders Landscaping Supply Mulch is great at preventing weeds. You need a high-quality option if you want to stop weeds from becoming a big problem.

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Spray Vinegar on the Weeds

Spraying some simply vinegar on the leaves of existing weeds will help to kill them quickly and efficiently. It sucks them dry and makes them shrivel away into nothingness. Just put some vinegar in a bottle and spray away, being careful not to hit your other plants and flowers nearby. If you target younger weeds early, this will have the best chance of being effective in the long-term.

Add Some Soap to the Solution Too

If you want to make the vinegar solution even more effective, you should add some soap to it. If you’re trying to kill weeds that have a waxy surface to their leaves, this is vital. It will help to break that surface down and get rid of the weeds. That might not be possible in every case if you are using vinegar alone. It’s simple enough; you just need to add the soap to the vinegar and shape it up.

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For Path and Walkway Weeds, Use Boiling Water

We’ve all had to deal with those weeds that creep up through the cracks and gaps in our garden paths and walkways. They can be particularly annoying. But the best and easiest way to deal with them is to throw some boiling water down on them. It will kill them, and you won’t have to worry about precision because there shouldn’t be any plants or flowers growing here, and the excess water will just drain away.

Once you’ve made the most of these weed killing tips and tricks, your garden will be happier and healthier for it.