Want to Become a Law Student? Here Are Some Things You Have to Know First

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It seems that more and more people are looking into careers in law. Many see the life of a law student as somehow more glamorous than that of other kinds of students. It’s important you know a few things about law school if you’re considering it. It’s best to prepare yourself before diving in headfirst!

It’s not quite as scary as its reputation

Yeah, it’s tough. It’s going to see you working hard into the small hours. You may not eat all that healthily for a while and your social life will probably take a hit. But if you really love the subject and find it interesting, you’re going to get a sort of thrill from it. And the fact is that there’s support all over the place for anyone who is struggling. You’re not expected to be a champion of law throughout your course. The people running it know from experience that it’s tough.

It’s not a guaranteed key to riches

Here’s the problem with college degrees: people think it guarantees them a successful career. But people who actually go on to do anything even remotely relevant to their college course are very rare indeed. A vast majority of people go on to do jobs that their degree didn’t help them get.




There are certain degrees out there that are more useful than others, for sure. And there are others that people believe will guarantee their holder a successful career in that field. Science, medical, and law are often the ones we think of. But just like any other degree, not everyone will find exactly what they’re looking for in a career. And not all lawyers have seven- or even six-figure salaries. Don’t automatically expect a ton of money. Remember not to set post-college expectations too high.




Do you like reading? I really hope you like reading

You might actually have to read more in this subject than in any other subject. Science? Nothing on this. English Literature? Not even the subject about books will have you reading as many books as a law course. You may have heard tales about law students spending pretty much all of their day in a library. (And by “day” I don’t just mean sunlit hours.) Trust me when I say that’s no exaggeration. You can get started now by checking out law articles from a source like Black’s Law Dictionary. Getting some reading in now will make the books ahead a little easier to swallow.




Be ready to deal with social stereotypes

A lot of people hold unjustified (heh) views about lawyers. Many of your friends may assume that one day they’ll be able to get some free legal advice from you. Many others will believe that you’re doing something akin to selling your soul to the devil. People aren’t always comfortable with the idea of someone being paid to defend someone who you know is guilty. Unfortunately, there’s not much any of us can do to battle stereotypes. All we can do is just do our best in the pursuit we’ve chosen, and to try to treat others with respect even when they’re trying to put us down.


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