Videos from Hurricane Sandy

In the days to come I’ll be blogging on another site about this, but for now enjoy these visuals of what I enjoyed when waking up the morning after Hurricane Sandy struck. “Waking up” is a simple explanation, of course, but I’ll tell the full story later. For now, here is what I saw when I opened my bedroom window in the morning:

Looks worrisome, but by this time the water had come down by between a foot to two feet, so we were pretty calm by this point. Really! Still, this is how the backyard looked (you may recognize the railing if you read my beer blog):

To give you some perspective, the previous night the fire hydrant you see here was completely invisible, the truck you see in the street was underwater to its hood, and the cars you see in the driveway were buried in water well up to their windshields.

Yes, all three vehicles died. Check it out:

Pretty wild, huh? Those were the calm moments after the storm, from someone who was very, very lucky compared to many friends and family at the Jersey Shore.